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Caribbean Banking Intelligence (CBI) is a specialist provider of independent audit and testing of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Programs designed for financial and non-financial institutions. Our experience in commercial banking, AML and Compliance and our consultative approach provide for an unrivalled level of expertise.


Successfully Managing Anti-Money Laundering
Compliance Risk


Regulatory efforts to fight money laundering and terrorism have changed the way financial institutions comply with AML compliance. Compliance regulations are rapidly changing and it is essential that you monitor your program closely. Your firm's future success depends on the strength of your AML Compliance Program. The trend for the foreseeable future is  an expectation of more regulation, not less. We understand the compliance challenges you face, and our knowledge ensures the ongoing support you need to continue to operate ahead of the regulations. At CBI we do more than just audit. We provide process improvement recommendations, compliance advice, and feedback based on interviews with personnel, a hands-on review of your risk and AML compliance practices, and insights from peer firms.


The institution must ensure that the AML independent testing of their firm is truly independent, accurate and thorough. Failure to do so may cost thousands in fines and/or implementation of additional burdensome AML compliance measures, not to mention possible reputational exposure.


Establishing an independent testing program designed to identify and address weaknesses in the AML program before they come to the attention of the regulators can assist firms in managing their reputational risk and regulatory standing.


Using an outside firm to conduct your annual AML audit will give your business added credibility and most likely save you time and money.


A CBI Compliance AML audit generally includes the following:

  • A full review of your company's AML compliance program manual
  • Testing of your AML Policy and Procedures
  • Customer Identification Procedure (CIP) review
  • Transactional testing and evaluation
  • CTRs and SARs filings review
  • Evaluation of AML training programs
  • Evaluation of automated monitoring systems and management information systems
  • Review of past audit reports to assess the efficacy of recommended implemented changes
  • Adequacy of AML risk-assessment procedures of the AML program


Once we conduct an independent audit, we deliver to the client the following:

  • Point-by-point review of audit findings
  • Recommendations for AML program improvement
  • In-person findings presentation for management, if desired


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